Various lectures on improvisation and composition, and on composition as a tool for improvisation.

Developing your own voice. What to work on and how to work on it.

Piano masterclasses

. Building, consolidating or refining a piano technique. How to really practice and improve your scales and arpeggios. Special emphasis on tone production.

. Comping, harmony and rhythm. The piano in the rhythm section.

. A specific chapter on vocal accompanying. How to play for singers and their repertoire.


. Small ensemble trio to quintet with original material, jazz standards, and oral teaching and dictation.

. Large ensemble (big band) coaching. Original music in the Thad Jones-Bob Brookmeyer vein. This music and other arrangements have been recorded by the WDR Jazz Orchestra.

NB: I also teach thru skype.



Solo piano (various programs, Monk, Gershwin, Strayhorn)

Solo piano + vocals CD "Amsallem Sings" (2009)


Duo with vocalists Sacha Boutros, Sara Lazarus, Melanie Dahan.

Duo and guests: Irving Acao, Rick Margitza, Stephane Belmondo,

Tim Ries (from the Rolling Stones band), Olivier Ker Ourio.


Trio w/Viktor Nyberg and Gautier Garrigue

All-original program

Thelonious Monk program

George Gershwin program

Piano Trio + vocals CD "Franck Amsallem Sings Vol. II" (2014)


With guests: Irving Acao, Rick Margitza, Stephane Belmondo, Philip Catherine,

Jerry Bergonzi, Tim Ries (from the Rolling Stones band), Olivier Ker Ourio.

With vocal guests Sacha Boutros, Sara Lazarus, Hetty Kate, Melanie Dahan.

Larger Band

Big band music -all original material- in the Thad Jones/Brookmeyer/Bill Holman/Johnny Mandel vein

"Nuits", music for string orchestra, perc. and jazz quartet

"Bud will be back shortly", for string orchestra and jazz soloist

"Place du Temps", chamber music w/a jazz tinge (instrumentation: piano, percussion, trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello)

"Sax Summit", Irving Acao, Jon Boutellier, Pierrick Pedron w/the Franck Amsallem Trio