The following arrangements can be purchased by sending me an email with your request. We accept PayPal only. All arrangements, score and parts on pdf format, written for regular big band instrumentation, 8 brasses, 5 saxes, and rhythm section. Click on the title to listen to each arrangement.

Title Style & feature Composer length price
Tom's Tune med. swing (tb2 & tb3 solos) Franck Amsallem 8:00 $50
Vintage Blues up-tempo swing (tp & tenor solos) Franck Amsallem 8:00 $50
Chanson Triste slow even-eight (lead alto melody and solo) Franck Amsallem 9:00 $50
After med. 3/4 (tp and bari solos) Franck Amsallem 8:00 $50
Arabesque arabic even-eight (drum solo) Franck Amsallem 7:00 $50
The Music-Box fast 6/4 (piano and sop. feature) Franck Amsallem 7:30 $50
Bud Will be Back Shortly ballad (tenor solo) Franck Amsallem 7:00 $50
Younger Days medium (piano solo) Franck Amsallem 7:00 $50
A la Clairefontaine (guitar or pno free solo) Trad. 5:30 $50
Une Chanson Douce slow bossa Henri Salvador 4:00 $50
Meanderings even-eight piano solo Tom Olin 5:30 $50
How Deep is The Ocean ballad (tenor intro & piano solo) Irving Berlin 8:30 $50
Blue Dahlia ballad (bass feature, arco optional) John Goldsby 7:00 $50
Route 66 med.up blues (for male vocalist, B Flat) Bobby Troup 8:00 $50